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Energy Medicine and Essential Oils for Hormone Balance
2-disc DVD set and course materials $49.99

This four-hour class will teach you techniques and essential oils you can use to:
• Communicate with your body to learn what it needs (muscle testing)
• Activate your meridians for whole body health
• Enhance your weight-loss plan
• Reduce stress
• Support your Adrenals
• Help maintain balanced hormones, or if not balanced...
• Balance hormones during menstrual times
   • Shut down menstrual discomfort
   • Reduce bloating
   • Decrease that run-down feeling
   • Help with temporary head discomfort
• Balance hormones naturally during menopause
   • Tame the Mood Swing Monster
   • Take down those HOT flashes
   • Relieve occasional sleeplessness
   • Support bone health
   • Stop dryness and other dilemmas
   • Stay energized in the Golden Years
   • Clear mind … and so much more!

Learn how simple exercises and essential oils can naturally help balance your hormones no matter what phase of life you are in. Order your copy for only $49.99 USD (plus shipping based on your country) and it will be shipped directly to you.

I am also offering a free sample of an essential oil for those interested so please let me know what issue you would like help with and I will include a sample with your order. Enjoy and be well!

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