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Essential oil testimonials

"Had a great treatment today with Angela Triplett Melton. I thought for sure I would end up at the chiropractor tomorrow, but she did a technique using lots of yummy essential oils. I even fell asleep it was THAT relaxing.....ZZZZZ. Thanks Angela!!" ...~S.M.H., Rio Rancho, NM

Energy Medicine classes testimonials

"Angela is a natural teacher. It is very apparent that she knows Energy Medicine, she believes in Energy Medicine, and she is very clearly practicing what she is preaching. (so to speak!) She made me feel welcome from the second I confirmed interest in the class, she kept the pace of the class on schedule while answering questions, allowing time for clearing our heads, and intuively knowing when more time or less time needed for subject material. I left each class feeling excited about practicing and learning more. I will definitely look for more classes that she is teaching."

"The entire experience made me feel empowered. I have always been interested in natural healing, just never knew where to go or what questions to ask. My questions were answered throughout the day by the material presented and the way it was presented."

"Angela Melton is exactly where she needs to be, doing exactly what she was put on this earth to do. Not many of us are fortunate enough to find what we are actually here for. Angela has. She is articulate, inspired, insightful, energetic, and truly gifted. I came to the class first out of curiosity. Once there, I knew I was meant to be there. I do not wish to pursue any further training. What I was looking for, I found. I am content knowing that I am not crazy, and that I can help myself and those close to me, to a better and healthier way of life. I feel comfortable contacting Angela any time I need a refresher as to all the information she covered, and I will use what I learned each and every day."